A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the Midnight Art Show!

How can I move around?

Use "W,A,S,D" and the mouse to move and look around. Pressing "Esc" will quit the game.

What is the exhibition all about?

The warehouse shows mostly abstract art from different artists all around the world.

What is the press saying about this exhibition?

"The abstract and poly-dimensional art space immerses the ability to blur. It has its origins in abstract art spaces based on abilities such as ramified and unveiled initiatives and fictional, associative sockets. The abstract, intercultural ability regards the successive and medial imperative. The abstraction patches abstract, peculiar abilities as an aleatoric and rational ability. The ability marginalises the boundary of abstract art spaces, while the multi-layered, encyclopaedic allusion restates and epitomises the poly-cultural grammar." - some random newspaper

Sounds great! Can I go now?

Sure. Download it and enjoy the show. Just make sure to exit the building if you need a smoke break, ok?


Midnight_Art_Show.zip 23 MB


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This is a little tongue-in-cheek but I do like the idea of a virtual space to allow people to experience art in unconventional ways, and some info inside the building would have been cool! Not that abstract art is my thing...it took me a few minutes to realise the art repeated itself in different areas in the room! In the end I went out and explored the city and figured that there's the potential creepy horror game lurking in there somewhere too!